Who Knew Guacamole Could Help Ease Your Aches & Pains

Today on the 20 Dollar Chef, The Big Homie is accompanied by Barstool Sports Science’s, Jeff Vibbert, and utilize the natural benefits of cbdMD. While Chef gets busy with the ingredients, Vibbs breaks down the science behind the spectacular benefits of cbdMD. The end result being a delicious CBD infused Guacamole Dip.

cbdMD, a leader in the CBD Oil industry, offers a wide variety of premium CBD products! From tinctures to gummies, to topicals, they have it all! Their products are USA organically grown, utilize a hybrid broad spectrum process, are THC-free, and come at an affordable price.

Go to cbdMD.com and enter code CHEF for 25% off your order, and we highly recommend you try this recipe, it’s a live savor!

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