Why is My CBD Oil Cloudy?

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Why did my CBD change colors?

CBD and/or Hemp oil, while easy to store, can take on some strange forms when stored incorrectly, like the CBD oil turning cloudy. In a previous article, we covered how light can affect the coloring of CBD oil. If you missed that article, take a look here. While rare, it is possible for CBD oil to take on the look of a “cloudy” type substance that almost resembles nano-emulsified (water soluble) CBD – even though it isn’t. Why is this happening? Why is my CBD oil cloudy?

We need to keep a couple things in mind:

The CBD oil you consume is essentially a heavily concentrated oil extract that’s mixed with a lipid carrier (at New Phase Blends we use MCT oil).
When the extract mentioned above is exposed to extreme conditions, it can take on a solid form that resembles crystallization. This “cloudy” appearance is what you are seeing – tiny crystals.

What are the Crystals?
Your CBD oil isn’t really cloudy – its crystallized. These crystals are pure phytocannabinoids – that’s it. The lipid carrier (MCT oil, grape seed oil, hemp seed oil, etc…) has separated from the CBD extract, resulting in a solid form of phytocannabinoid presence, similar to the crystallized appearance of THC on the outside of the cannabis flowers and leaves.

From a chemical point of view, both THC and CBD have closely related molecular characteristics, and they both take on the form of a crystalline lattice. Those crystals you see are the purest form of concentrate that exist. That may sound like a good thing, but it’s not. Why? The mixture would result in a widely variable dosage level if you were to take a dropper of that same cloudy CBD oil. For example, if 1 mL of your oil would have 32 mg of CBD, when it crystallizes, it may result in anywhere from 0 – 200+mg of CBD, depending on the amount of crystals that made it into the dropper. We mix this CBD extract with oil to provide an even, and accurate, amount of CBD per mL of oil. Since the CBD has separated and crystallized, we lost that ability to dose accurately.

If you keep up with New Phase Blends educational articles, you know by now that we mix a phytocannabinoid-rich extract with organic MCT oil (carrier oil) to make our products. During this process, the extract becomes suspended in the MCT oil, resulting in an even and constant amount of CBD throughout the entire bottle. Depending on how much is in the oil, it will generally remain stable in the oil. According to the National Library of Medicine, “The stability of this formulation [oil suspended compounds] was assessed considering particle size distribution, settling volume ratio, redispersibility, thermal stability, and drug content.” This process is called (you guessed it) “suspension.” During suspension, we are making sure that an even dosage of CBD is maintained throughout the entire 1 mL tincture. If we are making a product that is 1,000 mg of Broad Spectrum CBD, I want to be POSITIVE that every 1 mL of fluid has 33.2 mg of CBD extract in it. By suspending the correct amount of extract in the carrier oil, we can be sure this is the outcome. In a good mixture, no cloudy effect from the CBD oil can be noticed.

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