CBD Tattoo Aftercare | Supporting Your Tattoo Healing With CBD | CBD for Tattoos

CBD Tattoo Aftercare | Supporting Your Tattoo Healing With CBD

How can CBD ease the pain of getting tattoos? Do you Want to know that CBD good for tattoos or not?

This video will help you to understand -How to use CBD Cream on a Healing tattoo & How CBD tattoo aftercare work.

CBD seems to be everywhere these days, it’s being used for dandruff, for weight loss … and even to heal tattoos! But wait, this is not just another passing trend. CBD has properties that can make it useful when you get a new tattoo.

In this video, you will find:

00:10 – Supporting Your Tattoo Healing With CBD
00:34 – Benefits of CBD
00:57 – How CBD products are tattoo-appropriate?
1:24 Important to know using CBD Product in your tattoos

Although CBD isn’t currently approved by the FDA, research shows that it can have many benefits for your skin. For example, it can provide deep hydration, improve skin elasticity, and soothe itches.

It’s also been found to support proper wound healing by stimulating blood circulation and adding in some anti-bacterial properties.

But before you rush to apply CBD cream to your new tattoo, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. For a CBD product to be tattoo-appropriate, it needs to contain natural ingredients that don’t risk irritating your skin. That means no artificial colors, fragrances, or preservatives.

Fresh tattoos are also very sensitive to clogged pores. So use a CBD cream that contains non-clogging moisturizers like hemp oil or argan oil, rather than ingredients that could clog your pores, like coconut oil and cocoa butter.

It’s also good to note that CBD isn’t a disinfectant. So clean your tattoo well before you apply a CBD ointment on it. And as with any tattoo aftercare, don’t slather it on. Your fresh ink needs to be able to breathe, so apply only a thin layer of your product.


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