Medical Cannabis In UK. Dr Deepak Ravindran. Berkshire Pain Clinic

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a lot of you have seen me in the pain
clinic and in recent pain consultations
have asked me about cannabis and I
thought I would do this video to talk to
you about our present understanding of
cannabis and also to tell you a little
bit more about how you can access it and
what the problems right now in using
cannabis within the United Kingdom my
name is Dr. Deepak Ravindran I’m a pain
consultant for the last 10 years and in
my practice in the pain clinic
especially in the last three years I’ve
had lots of patients come and speak to
me about cannabis about wanting to try
cannabis and asking me even more
questions about medical cannabis and the
food supplements that are available
these queries and these questions have
significantly increased ever since
November when the UK government has
legalized the use of cannabis and the
prescription but there are some caveats
and there are still some rules that we
as consultants must follow and there are
some conditions where you can get
medical cannabis and in most of the
chronic pain conditions it is going to
be difficult right now to source it so
if you are suffering from chronic pain
and you feel you would like to see a
faint consultant what is it that you
would want to know and in this situation
there are quite a number of things that
a pain consultant should be able to
offer or discuss with and especially
give you some advice regarding what they
can do about cannabis and whether
prescription is going to be the right
thing for you or not and this is a very
personalized decision and I think
depending on the medical conditions that
you have depending on other
comorbidities and other drugs that
you’re taking these would have to be
factored and so it would
have to be a consultation initially that
lull of you to discuss with the
consultant on whether cannabis is indeed
the right drug for you maybe there are
other medications that are still
possible what do we understand about the
cannabis and its benefits realistically
what we now know and it’s in the last 15
to 20 years that we really understood
that there is actually an internal
system within the body called the
endocannabinoid system and this system
is present throughout our brain to
artists final chord throughout every
organ of our body including the immune
system and cannabis really acts on the
system and there are actually some
internal molecules just like the way you
have your endogenous opiates of meaning
medicines and opioids that are produced
by our body our body also produces
cannabis like substances within
ourselves which help in balancing the
system and regulating it which is why
cannabis is found to be so useful for so
many conditions from pain to epilepsy to
cancer to vomiting and nausea after
chemotherapy so it’s a wide variety of
uses and it’s important to understand
when you can get a medical prescription
when you can try any of the food
supplements that are presently available
and this is the conscious decision that
you have to make this is an informed
decision you have to make after
discussion with your consultant so if
you are interested in knowing more about
cannabis but you feel that the
information available online isn’t right
for you then do find out whether you can
speak to your local pain clinic or pain
consultant they should be able to guide
you and discuss with you and help you
make the right choice regarding the role
and the potential benefit of cannabis
for your particular pain condition thank


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