Dosing Instructions for CBD Oil Tinctures | The Barr Center

At the Barr Center, we recommend the following instructions on how to properly store and take your CBD oil products. Please keep both the CBD oil tinctures and topical salves in a cool, dark place where it is not exposed to sunlight. Store the isolate tinctures in the refrigerator after opening.

Follow these helpful guidelines for dosing of the CBD oil tinctures.

* The dose of The Barr Center’s CBD oil is 20 mg per ml (note line of the dropper).

* The usual dosage for a 150-pound person is one ml daily. This can be adjusted for your weight.

* CBD oil can be taken at night before bed as a single dose or in two divided doses AM and PM.

* It’s best to sit upright and drop the oil under your tongue, hold the oil under your tongue for 15 seconds then swallow.

*CBD oil is best absorbed under the tongue with an onset of effect about 30 minutes after you take it orally. The duration of effect is approximately 8 hours. When you first start taking CBD oil you may take a loading dose of 1 1/2 – 2 times the recommended daily dose based on your weight. Dosing cards are available upon purchase.

If you experience any difficulty tolerating your CBD oil please discontinue use and notify us right away. You can reach our office at (757) 578 – 2260.

Do not drive or operate heavy equipment if you feel fatigued, tired or unsafe behind the wheel.


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