Can I take CBD everyday?

CBD is more and more getting popular by the day. We are finding it in grocery stores, salons, chiropractor offices and of course stores like Nothing But Hemp that specialize in CBD. We are hearing all kinds of aliments that CBD can treat, but very limited amount of people are talking about how CBD can potentially help with overall health. I like to look at taking CBD like a daily vitamin.


Because our clients tell us how CBD has helped their overall lives. Before we go into how CBD has helped them, myself and my family members. First you need to have a clear understanding on how CBD works within the body. CBD oil is a natural stimulator of the bodies endocannabiniods system. It works different than THC, it wont get you high, some studies have found that CBD helps produce more endocannabiods that allows the user to feel good, help control anxiety and even impact our sleep in a positive way. THC is a whole different world, it gets users high. THC actually stimulates endocannabiod system similar to a drug. Whereas CBD promotes the natural production of something. You are not changing anything to your body.

Your body goes more into a state of homeostasis.


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