Top 5 Vaper Mistakes – DON'T do these | New for 2020 | Beginner Vaping Guide

Top 5 Vaping Mistakes – things NOT to do. This is our new for 2020 beginner vaping guide. We want to make that journey away from cigarettes that much easier.

0:24 : First Time Vaping Side Effects
0:49 : Is Vaping safer than smoking?
1:32 : What types of vape kits are there?
3:30 : What is the right nicotine strength vape to use?
3:59 : Can you mix vape juice
4:44 : How do vape coils work?

For all those who are finding that they can’t get their menthol cigarettes anymore from the gas or petrol station – you may be drawn to giving vaping a go. Well here’s the questions you may have answered for you.

Don’t make these mistakes!

I wish I had known these tips when I started out on my journey, and I know there is a lot to take on board when you are a beginner vaping. Guiding you on this journey is me, David at Vape and Juice TV to help you out.

We have included 5 of THE questions and mistakes most make. Watching this short video will not only make things easier, it will save you money too. No bad thing. So if you are new to vapes and want the latest and in our opinion BEST beginner vaping guide, then this is just for you.

Enjoy, our Top 5 mistakes video. If after watching you want to check out a range of starter vape kits, then head over to the link below:

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