5 Things Men Should Do EVERY Night!

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Alpha is taking you on deep dive in his rabbit hole into personal development — specifically things that he does at night. In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, Pete & Pedro , and Ollie says these things have been beneficial. At the end of the day, do you own research and find what’s right for you.

Alpha’s Pre-Slumber Schedule

1. CBD Oil — he’s been using it for 3 weeks. The three benefits in which he’s interested are anti-inflammation, less stress, and better sleep. He definitely sleeps like a rock when he takes it before bed, and he feels more refreshed & rested upon waking.

2. Rinse sinuses — he uses a NeilMed squeeze bottle with a saline solution; he’s been using it for 5-years which has knocked out his chronic sinus infections.

3. Use a skin care routine — using the right products on his face at night has made a huge difference. See details below.

4. Foam roll — for about 10-minutes per night, Alpha rolls out his body. The painful areas are the spots that are knotted up, so he rolls them out to maximize his body.

5. Consume a scoop of casein protein — when sleeping, protein helps with the muscle synthesis process which casein is a much slower digesting protein.

Use the Right Nighttime Skin Care

Once Alpha started actually using the right products for his face when he goes to bed at night, his skin started to look unbelievably different: the way it feels and he doesn’t get breakouts anymore. Start taking care of your face at night — and it doesn’t take a ton of different products, and it’s not complicated. It’s simple: all you got to do every single night is wash your face with a face wash that is designed for your face. You do not want to use a bar soap, because it’s too harsh and will strip all the oils out of your skin.

After you wash your face, it’s critical to apply a nighttime moisturizer. Now in the morning, you need a moisturizer that has specific ingredients designed to help you and your skin for the day, such as SPF (sunscreen to protect your skin). But at night while you’re sleeping, your skin needs different ingredients and botanicals. That’s why Tiege Hanley’s PM moisturizer is so incredibly amazing.

Now, for Alpha, because he’s little bit older, he’s fighting mother nature like a kung fu ninja — so he applies a nighttime super serum — Tiege Hanley’s anti aging Super Serum. This stuff is incredible! For dark circles, crow’s feet, or under your eyes, you also need to be using an eye cream. Eye creams are not just for women — Alpha noticed a huge difference when he started using Tiege Hanley’s Eyes twice a day. It’s absolutely a rock star.

Alpha has noticed such a difference in the way that his skin looks, the way that my skin feels, and the compliments he’s been getting on his skin since he started using Tiege Hanley 3-years ago. Use the link down to check out the three levels. If you’re new to skin care, start with Level 1. If you’re a little older or more advanced, go with Level 2 or Level 3. The link will also give you the special alpha m discount. If you’re looking to try it, guys, there is no better time! There’s no better deal then right now! Hit that link to checkout Tiege Hanley and get more handsome tomorrow: Tiege Hanley


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