How to fight COVID-19 and reduce exposure risk. Bonus $WMT Walmart HACK

Uncle Robert vs COVID-19.
8 Rounds of battle, plus BONUS round. Watch out for secret ammo from WALMART HACK at the end.
Also listen to the cases of severe after effects from people who recovered form COVID-19.
Want to share Uncle Robert’s super safe Anti-COVID methods.
A BIG THANK YOU TO FRONT LINE HEROES who face COVID daily to ensure our success!

0:00 Intro
0:25 Round 1: Fight! Buying Groceries
1:01 Round 2: Fight! Sorting Groceries
2:04 Round 3: Fight! Online Purchases
2:26 Round 4: Fight! Online Groceries
3:12 Round 5: Handling Trash Cans
3:19 Round 6: You got mail
3:31 Round 7: Fast Food
3:59 Round 8: Need to go out!
4:07 Bonus Round: …
4:44 Walmart Hack (please buy responsibly)
5:08 Why so scared of COVID
5:39 Severe after effects
6:56 Thank you Frontline heroes

60 Minutes: “Post-acute COVID-19 Syndrome”: COVID “long-haulers” suffering symptoms months after initial diag…”

CBS COVID resource: COVID-19 survivors report debilitating physical and mental symptoms months after testing negative

Thank you for watching !!

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How Uncle Robert fight COVID-19. Severe after effects, and how to stay super safe! WALMART HACK

Disclaimer: This is not investment advice. This is only Uncle Robert’s opinion. Please make your own assessment.

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