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Lukas Gilkey is the founder of Hometown Hero, an E-Liquid, Vapor, and CBD company that started in Austin. Hometown Hero has unique product labeling that was inspired by Graffiti Park at Castle Hills in Austin, Texas. Some of the product labels for HH products were actually shot at Castle Hills (now relocated and renamed to Hope Outdoor Gallery). Lukas walks us through the challenges in building a company in a space that is rapidly evolving and heavily impacted by regulation. Listen to discover the unique story of this authentic Austin company and uncover some interesting Austin history and culture along the way.

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UPDATE: Hometown Hero is now selling DELTA8 THC. They were featured in the New York Times. Check it out.

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Follow Deathfox (Graffiti Artist and Art Director @ Hometown Hero)

Hope Outdoor Gallery (previously Graffiti Park at Castle Hills)

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