How to Use CBD Isolate

CBD Isolate is the purest form of CBD that you can buy. In this video we cover four ways how you can use it!

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How To Use CBD Isolate
Because CBD Isolate comes in a very refined, white powder it is easy to use. It is tasteless and odorless, making it a perfect candidate for mixing with different substances.

The four ways you can use CBD Isolate are Ingestion, Sublingually, Inhalation, and topical application.

Let’s start with ingestion, this includes any form of consumption where you drink or eat the Isolate. Because CBD Isolate is tasteless it is great to add to water, juice, tea or smoothies, and is an easy addition to baked goods.

The only thing you need to keep in mind if you are baking the CBD, keep the temperature under 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Generally speaking, we don’t recommend ingestion for users. The digestive track will lower the bioavailability of the CBD you’re taking, and you will absorb much less than you would with the methods we’ll cover next.

Our favorite way to take CBD, this way is a great combination of ease of use and you’ll quickly feel the effects.

Just place your dose of CBD Isolate directly under your tongue and hold it there for around a minute. The membranes under your tongue will absorb the substance directly into your bloodstream.

You could also make your own CBD oil using an isolate powder. Just mixed the desired amount of CBD with a carrier oil and place the oil under your tongue in the same fashion you would the powder. MCT, Olive or Grapeseed Oil are all good candidates for this.

You can both vape or dab CBD Isolate. With the vape you’ll need to add the isolate to a e-liquid and for both methods you’ll need the equipment to go with.

Dabbing rigs will cost upwards of $50, and vaporizers range greatly. If you already own these things and are familiar with the process involved in using them, this can be a great option for fast relief.

A very direct method of applying CBD to a sore muscle or joint, the big drawback of topical application is that getting the correct dosing is difficult.

Simply mix the Isolate with a body lotion, cream or slave that you already use and apply it to the desired area of the body.

Take close notes as to how much CBD you add to the lotion so you can get consistent relief, or up the dosage if you didn’t get the desired effect the first time.


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