The REAL Truth About CBD Oil (Good, Bad & Ugly)

CBD oil is a hot and trendy buzz word these days and seems to be everywhere you look! The interest in this supposed “miracle oil” is sweeping the nation and people are rushing to stores or online to get a bottle! The problem is that much of the information out there is still vague or misleading and industry standards are still not mandated. This has led to CBD oil being sold all over the place including gas stations, vape shops, drug stores, and shady online stores with no regulation or accoutability. The truth is that CBD is not all created equal…some is ineffective and others can be downright dangerous! There are many important factors in determining which CBD oil is best and what to look for in a high quality and pure oil! The RIGHT kind of CBD oil ‘could’ be the missing link in your health! After watching the presentation, you can go to these 3 links to learn more!





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