Goodfellow Unit Webinar: Prescribing medicinal cannabis

The Medicinal Cannabis Scheme, 1 April 2020, changed the way we prescribe: any doctor may prescribe cannabidiol (CBD) and/or THC/CBD combination spray to any patient. Suppliers are applying to the Ministry of Health for a wider range of prescription items including various blends of THC and CBD. In future, we expect to be able to prescribe cannabis dried flower for vaporisation.

Indications and how to prescribe CBD and the anticipated THC/CBD blends will be described, illustrated with case histories. The webinar will cover dosing, contraindications, adverse effects and how pharmacies order prescription cannabis.

00:00 Intro
02:30 NOT usually smoked
05:09 NZ referendum 2020
07:10 Use of CBD & THC
15:25 Case Histories
22:10 Prescribing medical cannabis
45:30 Audience Q&A


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