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or perhaps CRONIC pain?

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CBD Oil and other cannabidiol products are often effectively used for pain relief. Living with severe pain, chronic pain or other forms is often a burden for people. It complicates many people in their daily activities. The Real CBD offers a diversity of full-spectrum products against different forms of pain:

CBD pain patches
CBD cream
CBD Oil’s

Please contact us for a free, open-ended personal consultation. We are here to help you and our certified professionals are more than happy to advise you in the search for the most suitable products. For all people.

We give answers to questions such as:

– How much CBD does it take to get rid of your specific pain?
– What is the ideal CBD dosage?
– What about THC-levels? Are you regularly drug tested?
– Are you taking blood-thinning medication?

Our aim is to get The Real CBD oil out to everyone and share our knowledge, to the best of our ability. We want people to appreciate CBDs many benefits in a sea of products and suppliers and people should not feel scared and understand, there is no possibility of addiction.

We are a family-owned business with a focus on customer service and giving the best advice possible. After 4 years in the business (since Aug. 2017) we pride ourselves in having experience and knowledge about CBDs healing properties on the most common conditions. Our co-founder has certified knowledge in Medicinal Cannabis and CBD Oil and are happy to chat and listen at any time.
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