All Natural CBD Infused Tattoo Healing Balm Rub

How to make All Natural CBD Infused Tattoo Healing Balm Rub

CBD oil tattoo rub can be an anti-inflammatory, it will take down inflammation caused by the painful tattoo process. CBD oil also interacts with pain receptors in the brain, which can help ease the pain for a lot of people. It also is known to prevent or slow down cell damage, which is also good for the distress your body goes through with fresh ink. A tattoo on your skin can get irritated and your body will naturally treat it as a wound. Hemp oil and lavender essential oil can help you with its strong anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that help reduce scabbing while the tattooed skin heals. Coconut oil helps heal wounds with anti-bacterial benefits and protects your skin from harmful UV.
CBD Oil Tattoo Rub
2 TSP Unrefined Coconut oil
3 Drops Lavender Essential Oil
8 Drops of CBD/Hemp Oil
Follow these 3 easy steps and mix. Store your CBD oil tattoo rub in a tight container and always have clean hands before use. Enjoy and thank me later!
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