CBD Oil Dosage for Dogs

How much CBD Oil should you give your dog? In this video we give you a rule to judge how big of a dose of CBD Oil to give your pet!

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What CBD helps with in Dogs:
Before we get to dosing, some pet owners may not be aware of the different conditions CBD can be used for. This is another area of confusion for many people.

While there is very little research concerning CBD and pets published at this time, many owners and vets are reporting great results treating things like anxiety and stress, pain or inflammation, epileptic seizures, and some digestive problems.

If you have any questions about how CBD might help with these conditions, we do have another video on the topic. We also recommend talking to a Vet who has some experience working with CBD and animals!

Dosing CBD Oils for Dogs:
Just like we recommend with humans, the best way to figure out the correct dosing for your pet is to start low and work your way up.

We realize this is broad, and therefor somewhat useless advice, so we’ll get as specific as we can. Just keep that guideline in mind!

The dosing you should give you dog depends mostly on how much he or she weights. The general rule of thumb that we use is this:

For every 5lbs = 0.2 – 1 mg of CBD

So, for a 50lbs dog, divide by 5. So, the range of CBD that you’d be looking to give your pet would be anywhere from 2mg (.2mg/per 5lbs) to 10mg (1mg/per 5lbs).

Going back to our earlier advice, we would start this dog with 2 to 4 mgs a day to see how it reacts, and work from there.

With treats, this Is easy because every company we know of that makes CBD dog treats will tell you how many mgs of CBD are in each treat.

With Oils it can be a little more complicated. Many companies will only tell you the total mgs in the bottle. But, if you know that and how many total milliliters in the bottle you can figure out the mgs/ml, and dose properly from there.

For instance, a bottle containing 150mgs of CBD that was 30ml would contain about 5mgs CBD/ml. Using our 50lbs pet from above, if we wanted to give him the strongest recommended dose of 10 mgs we would simply give our dog 2ml per day!

Especially for conditions like pain, we do recommend doing half the dose with their morning meal and half with dinner. Because CBD is metabolized in the body with will provide better relief over a longer period of time than a single dose.


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