Using CBD + Essential Oils on the Wrist

Is it hard to move your wrist? Are you looking to move through stress and spasms? Michelle Turner, creator of Movement Lesson™ is showing one way of working with the wrist using Movement Oils™ using CBD + Essential Oils. This ML can be done without oils or using your own product.

Movement Oils™ – Using Movement Lesson™ essential oils is simple. Michelle has created video tutorials on how to integrate the oils into your Movement Lesson. CBD combined with essential oils for Movement Lesson helps you take your movements to the next level. The video courses are available on the Academy Website. Michelle Turner, certified Movement Specialist & Educator, of Movement Lesson LLC in Peoria, AZ., explains how to use Movement Lesson™ when working with you or your child with special needs.

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Movement Lesson™ is an alternative approach that offers newborns, children and adults opportunities to experience functional movement that they might not be able to initiate, stimulate or enhance through their own abilities.

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