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TABLETS – take one and done! THC-Free, Vegan, Gluten Free, Non-GMO
Pricing: Sample 3ct $5, Bottle 25ct $35

Fade Fighter: Keep yourself focused and get rid of that brain fog (this is my fave for my ADHD.) Combines CBD and CBG and terpenes to promote mental clarity so you can get $hit done.

Party Prep: Loosen up, reduce that social anxiety, nix that urge to flake on your friends. Combines CBD and CBG with an uplifting combination of terpenes to turn you into a social butterfly.

Hangover Helper: Recover from your rowdy night and get back to kickin a$$ and taking names. Combines CBG, CBD, and CBN and a special blend of terpenes to get you back to normal stat.

Power Down: Suck at sleeping like me? This one just shuts you down so you stop overthinking your day, what you said 15 years ago that was awkward as hell, and what you need to get done tomorrow. Combines CBD, CBG, and CBN with some sleep tailored terpenes to help you power down (ha – see what I did there!)

TOPICALS – just rub a little on 🙂 All CBD infused, which is known to heal, soothe, and moisturize.
Pricing: Trial Jars $5-$7.50, Full Size $30, Lip Crap $5

Muscle Marvel: When you hurt, because as soon as you become an adult things just hurt. I use this on my shoulder injury, post workout, to relax my back muscle spasms (bc I decided if I would start exercising I would go hardcore), and on my daughter’s achy growing pains.

Skin Stuff: When you need to heal something – literally anything – on your skin. I use this for sunburns, cuts, scrapes, acne, mask irritation, mosquito bites, rashes, and just irritated dry skin. Bonus it smells like Dr. Pepper!

Lip Crap SPF 15: My husband loved it after he sunburned his Irish lips, my daughter has the world driest lips as soon as winter hits, and Im just a Chapstick addict and must have them everywhere. Legit smells amazing and works wonders for healing the split, cracked, bleeding lips.

Sugar Lip Scrub and Bath Tea coming soon 😉

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