How To Unclog / Fix Clogged Non Working / Hitting Hard To Pull Vape Cart Cartridge & Why It Happens

This is an educational video. It is intended for +18 audience only.

Forgot to mention in the video :
At first I talked about if you filled the cart yourself the oil could be too thin or thick for the type of cart but I have also noticed this also happens with prefilled carts. Sometimes the oil is too thin for the type of cart used and starts to leak through the coil.
If you keep the cart in your mouth while not using it will also cause saliva to drop and cause it to clog, so try to only put it in your mouth when your ready to inhale to prevent it from clogging that way.
And lastly when the oil is low it will easily clog, there’s really no way to prevent it from clogging when it’s low, you’ll just have to unclog it as needed.

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