How to Apply Labels to Blank CBD Bottles

Learn more about the Joy Organics blank bottle program and how to apply labels from Joy Organics Co-Founder Todd Smith and Brian McGuinness.


Joy Organic bottles can be ordered without labels. This is known as their “blank bottle program.” One of the benefits of blank bottles are the ability to save on set up fees. Some view applying labels as a downside, however with the right technique, it is simple, easy and convenient.

The Process:

According to an application expert, start by finding the seam of the bottle where it is “fused” together. This seam will indicate where you should align your label. The same concept can be used for all types of bottles, including tinctures bottles.

Depending on the type of bottle, the process of applying the label may be more difficult. It may take a few tries before you get it perfect. The longer the label, the harder it usually is to apply. Hand applying labels is more accurate than machine applying. With enough practice, you are able to achieve perfect labels.

Labels are continuously refined and enhanced to provide the best product possible to market. Labels change to accommodate the company, which is why they may differ from time to time. It is important to have clear, easy legible wording on labels. This is something Joy Organics specializes in. Joy Organics also specializes in properly aligned labels on products for a neat, clean look.

The blank bottle program offers many benefits. All in all, the program is great for saving on set up fees. In order to apply labels, you must be able to clearly see the bottle when applying. This means you should be working in a well-lit area and wearing glasses if needed to see fine details. If the label is not aligned to your satisfaction, you can simply reapply. Once the label has been applied to your liking, the product is ready to go.

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