Does CBD Oil Help To Treat Pain? Pharmacist – Curtis Alexander

Are you considering using CBD Oil to treat pain? If so this is a great video to watch.

As a pharmacist if you had asked me a couple years ago what CBD oil even was … I probably wouldn’t have known.

But with marijuana becoming legal in a number of different states the use of CBD has risen sharply.

I usually get either questions or feedback from patients on a monthly basis from CBD oil users – a good portion of which state it helps them control pain.

However, there aren’t a lot of studies supporting it’s use so – as far as mainstream medicine is concerned – CBD oil is a bit of a grey area.

In this video I cover a number of different areas including:

– CBD vs. THC (hint: real CBD oil does NOT get you high)
– How effective is CBD oil in treating pain
– Different types of formulations
– How the type of pain you have should drive which formulation you should use
– Dosing
– Is CBD oil legal?
– How CBD oil compares to prescription pain medications
– Various drug interactions

As a pharmacist I think CBD oil holds potential.

If you were a family member or friend I would recommend you at least consider it as an option.

However, there are some caveats involving CBD oil that you should take into account … which I cover in the video.


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