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Was your #CBDtincture made with crude oil, distillate, or isolate? In this video, you will learn about the #CBDoil that we made from hemp that we grew at our farm and a little bit about the process. You can get a full #CBDoilreview here.

Was it tested for potency, heavy metals, and residual solvents? How much THC is in it? Do you have a lab test to prove it?

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2000 MG Full Spectrum CBD Tincture:

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Right now, there are people buying bottles of “hemp oil” that are made from hemp seed, and contain no CBD at all, thinking all the while that they are using CBD.

At Green Method Farms, we can tell you exactly what is in your bottle. We grew the hemp ourselves, and know the exact CBD potency. We have passed testing for THC below 0.3%.

You can scan the QR code on the bottle to see the lab reports from the exact batch of CBD that was used in that tincture.

We farmed, processed, formulated, and bottled the products within a 20-mile radius in the high desert of Central Oregon. We can guarantee what is in the bottle.

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Remember that you should always consult a medical doctor before taking any new supplements or medications.

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