How CBD Works to Improve the Gut Microbiome

Find out how CBD and The Gut can work together to improve health.

CBD can help improve the functioning of the microbiome and the gut.

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How does CBD improve gut health and promote healthy digestion? Research indicates that taking care of the gut is one of the most essential parts of achieving optimal health and wellness.

The gut is another word for your digestive system which includes your stomach, intestines, mouth, liver, colon, and various other organs. It is responsible for absorbing nutrients from the food you eat.

These nutrients support a wide range of function in the body including energy production, hormone balance, skin health, and mental health.

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What Makes The Gut Important?

Before we understand how CBD helps the gut, it’s important to understand some key points about the gut:

Around 70 percent of the immune system exists within the gut. Ensuring your gut is healthy can save you from many different bodily woes because of the support your immune system receives.

Within the gut, there is a microbiome. Biome is a word that refers to any collection of plants or animals that exist within a specific location. The microbiome is the collection of bacteria within the digestive system. It contains more than 10 trillion bacterial cells! There are actually more bacteria cells in your body than human cells. The microbiome is separate from your immune system. The gut microbiome impacts many different aspects of health including the immune system, the digestion of food, the central nervous system, and various other bodily functions.

There are tight junctions within the intestines that allow for nutrients to pass through into the bloodstream and prevent harmful microbes from leaving the intestines. When the microbiome is functioning properly and is full of good healthy bacteria, it prevents harmful substances from leaking into other parts of the body and causing harm. When tight junctions loosen, they allow undigested particles to pass through creating “Leaky Gut Syndrome”

-CBD Promotes Gut Health
There are many ways in which CBD shows promise in promoting gut health.

-CBD promotes the growth of good bacteria and restrains harmful bacteria.
These good bacteria support the gut barrier while the bad bacteria can result in leakage and a weak intestinal barrier. By having more good bacteria in your gut, the entire health of your digestive system will improve.

-CBD balances the endocannabinoid system.
CBD works to promote health of the endocannabinoid system.

The endocannabinoid system is intertwined throughout the digestive system and the gut. It plays a role in supporting gut motility, aids in uptaking food, and encourages a healthy and regulated metabolism.

By promoting the growth of good bacteria, balancing the endocannabinoid system, promoting overall digestive health, and strengthening gut barrier function, CBD can help promote a healthy gut. In turn, you reap the benefits!

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