Hemp Oil Vs. CBD Oil

Although CBD oil is derived from the hemp plant, hemp oil and CBD oil are two vastly different substances.

Hemp oil is made from hemp seeds and contains less than 0.0001% of CBD in volume. CBD oil is made from the flower of the hemp plant, containing around 10-25% of CBD in volume. Some CBD oil companies refer to their products as “hemp oil” which can cause unnecessary confusion.

To know how much CBD is in a product, look at the label. Hemp oil has a nutrition label because it is considered a food product. You will not see information about CBD in hemp oil.

Pure CBD oil has a supplement label which will tell you the amount of CBD per serving. If a label doesn’t tell you the amount of CBD, it’s probably not CBD oil. If you’re looking for a wellness boost, you want CBD oil. CBD oil is measured in milligrams, coming in various strengths. The higher the mg, the stronger the product.

Stronger isn’t always better. 100mg or 250mg of CBD oil extract is ideal for a daily wellness boost. 500mg or 1000mg is best for specific needs like aches and pains. 1000mg+ is most often used for therapeutic or extra strength needs.

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