Medical Cannabis Guidelines for 1st Time Users

Want to use cannabis as medicine? Dr. Kat Lopez teaches first time users how to safely and effectively treat pain, sleep, inflammation, and other symptoms. She includes dosing suggestions, best methods of delivery, and recommendations on THC/CBD ratios. Find Kat Lopez, MD at

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0:07 First Time Medical Cannabis Use
Hi, my name is Dr. Kat Lopez and I’d like to share some information about how to use medical cannabis for first time users.

0:16 Non-Toxic Cannabis Extraction
The first rule is that your first choice for medical cannabis for pain, sleep, and many other symptoms will be an edible oil concentrate. That oil should be produced using one of the non-toxic methods. The non-toxic methods are: CO2 extraction, heat extraction, or ethanol extraction. Those are the three safe ways to extract an edible oil.

0:43 Edible Oil
The edible oil needs to be put into a measurement device, a medicine syringe that’s marked with dosage lines, or a tincture bottle where the dropper is marked with dosage lines.

1:03 First Time Dosage
In terms of dosing, for your first time use, I would recommend trying a THC dosing of 0 to 5 milligrams of THC per dose, and a CBD dosing of 10 to 30 milligrams per dose. That will keep you safely in a range of not getting stoned from the medication, but having some affect.

1:25 Try it at Night
I recommend taking this medication at night so that you can sleep on it, and then feel how you feel in the morning before you try additional doses.

1:32 Edibles are Hard to Gauge
Other forms like edible foods, brownies and candies, I don’t recommend trying because it’s too hard to tell how many milligrams of THC you’re taking at once. Tinctures can be useful, however they usually aren’t in a measurable form where you can see how many milligrams you’re taking at once. It’s really important to treat THC and CBD as medicines, and to know how many milligrams of each you’re consuming

1:59 Cannabis Cannot Cause Death
Finally, it’s also important to know that an overdose of cannabis which means you’ve taken too much THC by mouth at one time can cause anxiety, panic, and fear, but it’s not toxic to any of the internal organs and cannot cause death. If you ever take more cannabis than is comfortable, please rest assured assured that it’s temporary, drink a glass of water, have a small snack and go to bed and it will be gone within a number of hours. If it’s a very high dose that you’ve overdosed on by accident, it can unfortunately take up to 48 hours to wear off in your body.


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