Scleroderma Medications: What works? How to Get it, Jessica Farrell, Pharm.D.

The second webinar in the Scleroderma Foundation’s “Virtual University” Patient Education Summer Series features Jessica Farrell, Pharm.D., Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Services discussing scleroderma medications. Current medications used to treat individuals with scleroderma focus on the four main features of the disease: inflammation, autoimmunity, vascular disease, and tissue fibrosis. Because there are multiple sub-types and different clinical presentations of scleroderma, medication regimens vary greatly from individual to individual. This presentation will review common medications prescribed in scleroderma and will include a description of how the medication works, common side effects, and monitoring. Also addressed are ways to find reliable information on these medications and how to obtain insurance coverage/patient assistance. Register for future Scleroderma Foundation “Virtual University” webinars, held every Wednesday at 3 pm. Eastern, at


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