Sunday Scaries CBD Gummies Review

In this video, Melena Gurganus reviews both the original formula of CBD gummies and the Vegan AF CBD gummies.

We’ve reviewed a lot of oils on this channel. So, we thought it was time we tackled some CBD gummies! And what better place to start, than with Sunday Scaries CBD Gummies.


Source 🇺🇸
Every ingredient used in Sunday Scaries CBD gummies and tinctures are sourced directly from American farms. Their hemp plants are grown in accordance with the 2018 Farm Bill and regulated by state agriculture departments.

Taste 👅
Sunday Scaries gummies taste almost too good to be true, but after personally trying them ourselves, we knew they were the real deal. Their CBD oil is a little less well known, but it also features a flavor profile that doesn’t have an overwhelming earthy taste like many hemp oils —most likely thanks to the addition of other edible and natural oils that create a more palatable flavor.

Lab Testing 🔬
It’s not exactly easy to find a certificate of analysis for Sunday Scaries online, but if you scroll all the way down to the bottom of any one of their pages you can see the words “Lab Results” under their “Products” tab in the website footer. When customers click on this, they can look at the lab report for Sunday Scaries CBD extract, which was last updated in December of 2019…


Pros 👍🏽
Free shipping on all orders
Options to bundle and get all of your favorite products for less
30 day money back guarantee

Cons 👎🏽
Small product offering
Only one CBD potency option to choose from for each product

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