How to create flavoured eLiquid

is where you can find the items featured in the video, or simply locate and use your own. More information is hidden in the description, scroll down.

Flavour is added at a ratio of 5-10% this is really easy to work out, figure out how much base liquid you have and then multiply that by 0.1 this will give you how much flavouring you need to add for 10% strength.

50 drops of flavouring equals 1ml of liquid, use this knowledge along with the figure you worked out for the amount of flavouring you need and you will be able to work out how many drops you need to add. For example 1ml=50 drops 0.9ml=45 drops 0.8ml=40 drops 0.7ml= 35 drops…. 0.5ml=25 drops…. 0.2=10 drops

This information can easily be used to flavour herbal eLiquid. Simply swap the amount of base liquid for the amount of herbal eLiquid you have and proceed as demonstrated.


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