CBD Oil For Dogs – Things You Need To Know

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What Is CBD Oil?

CBD is also known as cannabidiol, a compound found mostly in cannabis. However, CBD doesn’t contain the psychoactive compound of the cannabis plant, in fact, most of CBD products are derived from hemp, and not from marijuana at all.

What’s interesting to know is that cannabinoids from the CBD oil interact with the endocannabinoid receptors which are located in the central nervous systems which maintains balance in the body and keeps it in a normal and healthy state.

To sum up, CBD is not psychoactive and it won’t affect your dog in that way. It is completely harmless to dogs and has identical benefits as medical marijuana.

So, now, let’s understand if it’s safe to give CBD Oil to your dog?

Is It Safe To Give CBD Oil To Your Dog?

To answer your concern about safety of CBD oil, the American Veterinary Medical Association stated that vets are allowed to discuss cannabis as a possible recommended medication, without risking their medical license.

In their document “Cannabis: What Veterinarians need to know”, they demystified confusion regarding the use and prescription of marijuana-based products in pets.

As long as you use your CBD oil responsibly and give it to your dog according to the vet’s instructions, it is perfectly safe for your dog.
Not only is it safe, but it will also benefit your dog’s health state. However, there might be one problem with giving CBD Oil to your dog – its’ smell and taste.

CBD oil has a quite intense smell that dogs aren’t familiar with. You will need to find a way to trick your dog into swallowing it. However, there are plenty of creative ways to do this, so don’t panic. Simply mixing it with a snack your pup loves might do the trick.

What Can CBD Oil Be Used for in Dogs?

CBD oil for dogs is used to treat many different health conditions. Here are the top 6 situations in which your vet might suggest CBD prescription.

1. Seizures and Epilepsy

If your dog has seizures or epilepsy, CBD can help.

CBD is proven to work great in reducing time and frequency of seizures in dogs. In fact, it also works great for humans.

Nonetheless, it is important to follow your vet’s instructions and not exaggerate with CBD oil use.

2. Chronic Pain/Arthritis

If your dog is in pain or suffers from conditions like arthritis, CBD steps in as a great pain reliever. Talk to your vet however before deciding to give your pup a few drops of CBD in order to give him the proper dosage.

What’s great about using CBD to treat arthritis in dogs is that CBD reduces inflammation in aching joints.

3. Appetite Loss

If your dog is refusing food for a longer period of time, and you’ve already tried different appetite stimulants for dogs, but nothing seems to be giving results, you might want to try boosting your dog’s appetite with CBD Oil.

There are different reasons why dogs refuse food, but one of the most frequent one’s is nausea. CBD oil can also help in alleviating digestive issues, apart from being a pain reliever.

4. Anxiety

Dogs can also suffer from anxiety, and most commonly they can suffer from separation anxiety. This is mostly seen in companion dogs that get really stressed when they are left alone.

Dogs experience excessive distress behaviors once left alone and, with time, it affects their overall health, next to the destructive behaviors, urinating and more. CBD in these cases acts as a relaxing stimulant that can calm your dog.

5. Cancer

Dogs can get cancer too. If it happens, they have symptoms of chronic pain, nausea, and loss of appetite. During this period CBD can help your dog feel more comfortable during, and reduce side effects that cancer can bring to your dog. A small dose of CBD daily can help reduce cancer or even prevent it. Overall, CBD reduces cancer by:
• Supporting immune system in destroying cancer cells
• Disabling cancer cells in producing energy
• Containing anti-tumor specifics

6. Other types of diseases
If your dog is sick and has other types of symptoms, CBD acts as an all-around stimulant that can help your dog relax in painful times.
CBD Oil is great for treating:
• Cardiovascular Disease
• Neurodegenerative Disease
• Inflammatory Bowel Disease
• Autoimmune Disease
However, although all the benefits of CBD Oil are welcome in every pet-owner home, one needs to be careful and to watch out on possible side effects.

Possible Side Effects of CBD Oil For Dogs –

Most common side effects are seen in drowsiness, dry mouth, and lower blood pressure.

Whenever you give your dog CBD oil, make sure you encourage him to drink plenty of clean, fresh water.

Although it is safe in general to give your dog a small amount of CBD Oil, it is not safe to leave it anywhere around for your dog to grab it.

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