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Designed for storefronts, dispensaries, gourmet food stores, restaurants and other businesses interested in reselling BalancedChill CBD Cold Brew Espresso.
Morning coffee, that daily ritual that wakes us up and gives us a reason for living, is now also a major consideration for those who want to chill out big time. Coffee drinks infused with CBD are all the rage because while the non-psychoactive compound won’t get you high, it promotes relaxation — the exact opposite of what your morning caffeine routine is used to providing. CBD also has the power to decrease inflammation, anxiety, bad moods, and a host of other ailments, making it a favorite new superfood.

Single Case – 12- 8oz Screw top plastic bottles of CBD Cold Brew Espresso

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Triple Case – 36 – 8oz Screw top plastic bottles of CBD Cold Brew Espresso

Best CBD Cold Brew Espresso Balanced Chill Best CBD Cold Brew Espresso
Our mission is simple…

Help people achieve a Balanced Chill with the World’s Best Cold Brew Espresso infused with the World’s Best Water Soluble CBD.

In 1998, our company started with an idea of creating the best tasting Cold Brew Coffee that was non-acetic and tasted great. We patented the process to make the best Cold Brew coffee in the world using a automated percolation pump process and never uses heat.

That allowed us to produce a strong coffee that was not over-powering. We use hand selected, current crop coffees imported from around the world and lovingly craft roasted to bring out the complete flavor of Arabica Coffee. The approval of the Farmbill 0n January 18, 2019 allowed us to add CBD to our World Class coffee. Our CBD is also the Best in the World, Pure, CBD isolate, Zero THC sourced for the largest Non THC CBD certified manufacturer located in Colorado.

This natural blending of CBD and coffee is what our customers prefer. Start your coffee adventure with our world’s best CBD Cold Brew Espresso, we make a beverage that allows for 220 mg of caffiene so you can get going quickly, naturally with their desire to chill at the same time.

Balanced Chill CBD Cold Brew is an answer to the need for a way to keep up with our fast-paced society that provides consumers desire for energy without using Energy Drinks, many which are just chemicals and added suger. Our pure high quality CBD infused beverage is made with organic ingredients, non-gmo, zero calories and zero THC. With 100% single origin and shade grown coffee beans and the highest quality hemp CBD available, our product is perfect for the Balanced Chill that everyone is searching for.

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