How to get rid of burnt taste in your vape!

Hey guys, this is blakeblood9 here. In this video I’ll explain how to get the burnt taste out of your ecig. So if you have a tank, ego, evod of any starter kits that have a burnt flavor. You may wanna go through these options to fix it!

If then your coil is still burnt I suggest just getting a new one because your cotton is probably screwed. Which is a reason why people get rda’s if they screw up their cotton in the coil it takes 60 seconds to replace and it’s fast

First step: hit your vape without holding any buttons so act like your hitting it with the button down. This causes the juice to make contact with the coil and if it’s not getting enough juice then this will help it make better contact. Do r this about 7-10 times before vaping. Then let it sit for 30 seconds and see if that fixed the burnt taste

If that didn’t fix it you might have a bigger chance of getting screwed. But go ahead and act like your gonna twist of the tank between the coil as shown in the video. This will cause the coil to spin around and collect juice. But only do about a 180 degree turn them turn it back and try

If this doesn’t work you may just need to order a new coil online or visit your closest vape shop!

Hope this video helped your burnt coil ecig problems good luck and go electronic cigarettes!

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