Cannabis For Severe Pain Testimonial

Ed had severe, intractable facial pain for nearly ten years and tried every manner of conventional medical and surgical therapy.

All that failed.

Although cannabis therapy gave him immediate relief, the psychoactive properties of THC were difficult to tolerate during the day.

It took nearly a year of trying different CBD:THC ratios and different administration methods to come up with a treatment protocol that provided complete pain relief around the clock with zero side effects.

He uses a 12:1 topical cream during the day and 1:1 tincture and vape at night.

His current treatment is life changing. He nearly started crying with gratitude when telling his story.

Located in beautiful Sarasota, Florida, the offices of Neurology of Cannabis are open to all full-time and seasonal Florida residents exploring medical treatment options with medical marijuana.

Lead physician and Board Certified Neurologist, Daniel P. Stein, M.D. performs all patient examinations and evaluates patient medical records to develop customized and effective treatment plans.

We make the process of qualifying, registering, obtaining, and renewing access to medical marijuana in Florida as easy as possible. At Neurology of Cannabis, we are passionate about the effective use of medical marijuana to transform the health of our patients.

Neurology of Cannabis
5602 Marquesas Circle, Suite 108
Phone: (941) 400-1211
Sarasota, Florida 34233


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