Will Cannabis Increase Your Sex Drive? New Study Says THIS

Cannabis, Sexuality and You : What You Need To Know.

Cannabis, in and out of the bedroom: here’s what you need to know!

Now that cannabis is legal in many states for both medicinal and recreational use, and legal in Canada as well as other countries around the world, it’s time to refresh your knowledge about cannabis and all the ways you can use it for health and pleasure.

In this episode, we cover what you need to know about cannabis and sex, including:

THC and CBD, the two major compounds this plant offers us
How cannabis interacts with your body and the endocannabinoid system
All of the ways you can use cannabis as part of your sex life
Weed lube, cannabis suppositories and weed in your butt!
How to walk into a cannabis dispensary for the first time with confidence
Ways to make cannabis a part of your next erotic adventure.



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