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5 star CBD oil for horses review by J. Nelson
“I recently began using Alpha Therapeutics products for my horse who struggles with arthritis. The difference I’ve seen in him has been almost shocking! I’m happy to report that using a consistent dosing of CBD oil has improved his mobility and brought his joint swelling down. Definitely happy to see my boy feeling better.”


How CBD Oil Can Help Horses
For those who are owners or trainers of horses, whether they are working animals or are used for pleasure or competitions, the health of the animal is of crucial importance. Horses are mammals, just as humans are and some but not necessarily all of the health concerns of humans also appear in the equine world. Alpha Therapeutics, LLC has solutions for many of the common ailments which plague animals such as horses. Click on the above link to learn how CBD oil can help horses in similar ways that it helps humans and other animals.

Alpha Therapeutics LLC keeps all aspects of product production and manufacturing in-house to ensure superior quality in our CBD oil tinctures, healing balms, and other CBD products.
All hemp used by Alpha Therapeutics is cultivated exclusively in Northern Europe, grown in a natural environment that is free of pesticides, herbicides, and other chemical fertilizers. Our production process utilizes whole plant hemp extract, which includes secondary cannabinoids and other medical compounds to enhance the therapeutic benefits of our CBD end products. All raw materials are sourced organic/non-GMO where available.

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