Strategies to Manage Your Pain | Arthritis Talks

Dr. Danial Schecter, MD, and Helen Stevenson, CEO of the Reformulary Group discuss about pain, arthritis and the complexities of pain; strategies and tips to manage your pain; things to think about if you are considering or using medical cannabis to manage your arthritis pain; and how to access and use cannabis safely. View more… Continue reading Strategies to Manage Your Pain | Arthritis Talks

Cannabis & Arthritis

On this installment of the Midas Letter Medical Roundup, the crew explores cannabis treatments for arthritis. ************************ Check out our website: ************************ SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube: SUBSCRIBE to our 2nd YouTube Channel – Midas Letter Clips: SUBSCRIBE to our Newsletter: Download Our Podcast on iTunes: ************************ Follow Us on Twitter: Like Us on Instagram: Like… Continue reading Cannabis & Arthritis

Pain Symposium: Cannabinoids in Arthritis

Pain: Relief is within Reach Symposium Presented by the Arthritis Society November 3, 2018 Dr. Sana-Ara Ahmed, Anethesiologist and Chronic Pain Specialist based in Alberta, discusses medical cannabis; how it’s used, prescribed and benefits for the treatment of chronic pain. source