iCAN Israel Cannabis – Dr. Deborah Malka, Dosage and Delivery Methods of Medical Cannabis

Dr. Deborah Malka, MD, PhD was the keynote speaker at Cannabis 101. It was an honor to have her. Dr. Malka delivered a generous, down-to-earth lecture chock-a-block full of relevant information about delivery methods and dosage of medical cannabis. Her presentation is in English Israel Cannabis: Accelerating Cannabis Innovation source

Dr. Maria Fernanda Arboleda: New Cannabis Research – Pain Managment

Dr. Maria Fernanda Arboleda is an Anesthesiologist, Pain and Palliative Care Physician. She completed a Spine-Regional Anesthesia Fellowship at the McGill University Health Center and a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow in Supportive Cancer Care and Medical Cannabis, at the Department of Oncology, McGill University, and at Santé Cannabis, a leading specialized cannabis clinic in Canada. Presently,… Continue reading Dr. Maria Fernanda Arboleda: New Cannabis Research – Pain Managment

The Effects of Cannabinoids on Immune Function with Prof. Reuven Or

An amazing presentation by Professor Reuven Or of Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem about the effects of Cannabinoids on Hematopoiesis and Immune Function. From CannaTech 2017. CannaTech: Accelerating Cannabis Innovation source