Is marijuana effective for treating children with seizures?

Some parents of children with severe epilepsy believe a liquid marijuana extract known as Charlotte’s Web controls their seizures. Legislators in 13 states are considering proposals to allow a version of Charlotte’s Web to be produced or sold legally, but there have been no studies to prove the effectiveness and safety of the drug. Barry… Continue reading Is marijuana effective for treating children with seizures?

What is CBD?

Hello, I’m Craig McCauley. I am a wholesale/retail distributer of Herban Mother Tulsa.  I thought I would reach out to you personally, and answer some of your questions if you have any about CBD’s for pain. The answer is they actually work best when used together. My company doesn’t sell any THC products, however we… Continue reading What is CBD?

Pot as Medicine: THC vs CBD

Christian Groh, cofounder of Privateer Holdings, looks at the growing trend of medical marijuana high in Cannabidiol (CBD), a strain which offers less hallucinations and more pain-relief. source

CBD oil, medical marijuana saved child from life of seizures

7-year-old Jameson Wetzel suffered from seizures since his first birthday. Now, thanks to CBD oil, Jameson is able to be a regular kid. source