Walgreens to sell CBD products in 1,500 stores

Walgreens will soon start selling cannabis-based products, including CBD creams, patches and sprays in 15 states, including South Carolina. source

Pot as Medicine: THC vs CBD

Christian Groh, cofounder of Privateer Holdings, looks at the growing trend of medical marijuana high in Cannabidiol (CBD), a strain which offers less hallucinations and more pain-relief. source

KOI CBD RANT – Money Hungry Company

Well you guys know I have been sticking my neck out for KOI CBD for 2 years including a video with 10k views about the products in a positive light which are all now privated. Telling my story on how a small wholesome company went money hungry. source

Is CBD safe?

CBDs are cannabis-based products. While they don’t get you high, sales are soaring for various creams, patches and sprays containing chemical compounds found in marijuana and hemp. We ask Dr. Margaret Haney, Director of the Marijuana Research Laboratory at Columbia University Medical Center if they work and if they’re safe. ยป Subscribe to CNBC: About… Continue reading Is CBD safe?